Jobs in Kuwait Airway as Cargo officer


About Kuwait Airway:

Jobs in Kuwait Airway as Cargo officer. Kuwait Airways aims at setting the standard for customer orientation and become an admired airline to fly to invest in and to work for. Provide customer oriented services that meet the individual needs and preferences of our clients. For clients who look for best in class services, Kuwait airway provide for them a premium product. Kuwait Airway philosophy is to be an airline with a global reach and a local touch. Kuwait airway clients will appreciate the services that enhance both novelty and tradition. Kuwait Airway an international airline. Kuwait airway connect the Kuwaiti economy and society with the world whenever it is economically feasible. Kuwait Airway an important link. The geographic location of Kuwait allows us to link with the GCC countries, the Indian sub continent and Asia with Europe, and the USA and vice versa. Kuwait Airway believe that highly motivated and well trained employees can show distinguished performance. Therefore Kuwait airway empower the employees by providing rewarding career opportunities and excellent training.

Jobs in Kuwait Airway as Cargo officer:

About Job:

Jobs in Kuwait Airway as Cargo officer. This role you will be responsible for carrying out clerical duties related to cargo reservations on KAC and other carriers’ aircraft’s. This involves arranging reservations and routing for cargo as requested using timetables, airline manuals, reference guides, and tariff books. You are to type requested flight number on the on-line computer reservation system and scan screen to determine space availability and advises customers accordingly.


  • Operate the computer terminal and will enter cargo details to be booked or cancelled. You are to advise your supervisor in case of terminal failure. You will also be tasked with maintaining manual records to back up computerized records and to ensure smooth operation in case of system failure.
  • You will advise outstations about backlog at Kuwait and other stations as directed by the Senior Officer, Cargo Reservations.
  • Preparing and updating daily backlog sheets for all KAC stations, transmitting backlog data to various stations and keeping informed of expected cargo delay for various destinations.
  • Preparing flight folders for all outgoing flights both KAC and other carriers a week in advance. This includes attaching all booking requests, telexes or otherwise, to flight folder, compiling cargo booking sheet summarizing particulars of booked cargo i.e. airway bill, number of pieces, weight commodity, carrier etc and passing the completed folder to the Senior Officer for review.
  • You will receive daily 80-100 telexes, other messages and instructions related to outbound cargo reservations on KAC and other carriers. You are to take direct reservation requests from customers, check for space availability and advise customers accordingly.

Qualification and Skills:

  • Completion of Secondary (12 years) education or equivalent.
  • Proficient in English.
  • MS Office Skills  and Detail oriented.
  • 3 years experience in cargo handling or passenger reservations including 1 year of formal training and successful completion of cargo handling and reservation courses and special courses in handling special cargo.

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